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We are Luke and Kayla Wilson.


We are a husband and wife company who return to one of the world's last sustainable salmon fisheries every summer. We fish side by side in Bristol Bay, Alaska; diligently selecting the highest quality salmon from our nets to have custom processed and brought back to our home in Northern Minnesota! We sell full sockeye salmon fillets as well as portions and halibut! Let us be YOUR fishermen!

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All of the salmon we sell is caught by us, delivered fresh to our small processor, where it is hand filleted, packaged, and flash frozen. It is then barged/trucked to Minnesota remaining frozen the entire duration. We know where our salmon is every step of the journey and we work with only the best processors and shippers to ensure that when we hand deliver your fish to you, you are receiving the absolute highest quality salmon on the market. That is our promise, from our family to yours.

-The Wilsons-

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